As a prospective parent, you may be curious as to what a day at preschool actually looks like!

As routines are so important for children, our days are structured very similarly while offering a wide variety of opportunities for children to learn through play. Our daily routine video highlights what a typical day looks like.

Our current theme calendar provides insight to one of our nine themes used to tailor our curriculum throughout the school year.  Every month provides fresh themed songs, books, crafts and activities.  We also incorporate holidays with our annual Halloween parade, Valentine’s exchange, Lunar New Year celebration, among others. 

Our day always ends in gross motor play! If there is a green smiley face outside our door, we’ll be going outside to enjoy our well-appointed playground!  If the weather does not allow us to go outside we still move our bodies indoors, with specially planned games and activities, such as parachutes and obstacle courses.

In addition to our regularly planned curriculum, we are lucky enough to partake in three enrichment programs, made possible by the fundraising work of our Parent Advisory Board.   In the fall, a Yoga series teaches children to calm their minds and stretch their bodies. They are taught mindful movements and breathing techniques that they can use throughout their day. Beginning in January, our morning classes benefit from Music & Movement; learning to move their bodies to the beat as we learn new songs and discover new instruments.  And finally, radKIDS is a 10 week program through Sterling Gym, for our afternoon classes.  Children learn basic safety, stranger danger, and self defense techniques appropriate for preschool aged children.  This program is a huge hit with our students and parents, alike, culminating in a demonstration for parents and caregivers!